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AMD A6-6400K Review

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AMD A6-6400K Performance:

3DMark CPU Score:
3DMark Ranking:
123. See full list
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57 3DMarks / W

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AMD A6-6400K Richland 3.9GHz Socket FM2 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor AMD Radeon HD AD640KOKHLBOX

Amazon.com $62.74

AMD A6-6400K compared to popular Processors

You can find a good value for money by comparing the money bar (green) with the performance bar (blue). The less the money bar covers from the performance bar, the better is the value for money.

3DMark11 Score
Name Price 3DMark11
0 13200
Intel Core i7-4960X $1000 13200
Intel Core i7-980X $783 8800
Intel Core i7-970 $638 8530
Intel Core i7-4930K $560 12790
Intel Core i7-2700K $556 7880
Intel Core i7-3930K $555 11210
Intel Core i7-980 $526 8790
Intel Core i7-2600K $518 7690
Intel Core i7-2600 $442 7690
Intel Core i7-3770K $328 8130
Intel Core i7-4820K $310 11640
Intel Core i7-4770K $310 9150
Intel Core i7-4770 $307 8960
Intel Core i7-4770S $300 8380
Intel Core i7-4771 $300 9150
Intel Core i7-3820 $289 10450
Intel Core i7-3770 $279 7880
AMD FX-9370 $220 7420
AMD A6-6400K $65 3710
0 $1100

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