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3DMark06 FAQ

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    Before going any further, ensure that you have the latest version of 3DMark06 installed and update if necessary.

  • Is 3DMark06 compatible with Windows 8?

    Yes, assuming you are using the latest installer or have installed SystemInfo 4.12 or later separately. Note that 3DMark06 is these days mostly a CPU test for modern hardware as the graphics tests from 2006 are far too lightweight for modern gaming video cards. We recommend using 3DMark 11, 3DMark Cloud Gate or 3DMark Fire Stirke instead.

  • Is 3DMark06 compatible with Microsoft Windows 7?

    Yes, 3DMark06 is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7.

  • When looped a number of times, 3DMark06 benchmark run suddenly ends and the benchmark closes or the benchmark hangs. What is the problem here and how can it be corrected?

    This an issue with the 3DMark06 engine and DirectX. While the benchmark is certified stable over a single run or a small number of looped runs, it should not be used for long stability test looping. We recommend using 3DMark Ice Storm, Cloud Gate or Fire Strike tests instead.

  • When run with the Application Verifier turned on, 3DMark06 benchmark run suddenly ends and the benchmark closes or the benchmark hangs. What is the problem here and how can it be corrected?

    This is most likely an application problem. We are currently investigating the issue and hope to have it corrected in future benchmark builds.

  • When running 3DMark06 on a 64bit Windows 7 or Windows Vista system, I get an "OpenAL.dll" error message. What is wrong and how can this be corrected?

    This issue has been fixed in the latest benchmark installer. Please verify that you have the latest version installed and update if necessary. Alternatively you can also manually install the required OpenAL library. The installer zip can be downloaded from .

  • I'm trying to update my 3DMark06 Advanced to the latest version but the patch reports that it can't find the current installation. I've received my 3DMark06 Advanced licese bundled with an ASUS motherboard or graphics adapter.

    Unfortunately the build 1.1.0 patch installer does not work with the 3DMark06 build included with ASUS products. The problem can be corrected by first uninstalling the current version of 3DMark06 and then downloading and installing the latest 3DMark06 full installer. After this you can enter your registration code and unlock your 3DMark06 Advanced features.

  • I have purchased the Advanced Edition, but I get a "IDirect3DDevice9:Clearfailed:Invalid call" error message when I try to run the Filter & AA Tool. What is wrong?

    This is a known issue with 3DMark06, unfortunately there are no work-arounds for this problem.

  • Nothing happens when I try to start the installer for 3DMark06 or I receive an error message such as a "catastrophic error" or "component transfer failure. How can this be corrected?

    This problem is usually caused by an incomplete or corrupted installation file, so re-downloading should help. Please also ensure that your system is free from viruses and malware as this kind of malicious software can cause the installer or the download process to fail. Ensure that all unncessary applications are closed before launching the installer.

  • I receive a "STOP 0x0000010E" error message during a benchmark run with 3DMark06 on a Windows Vista-based computer, how can this be corrected?

    This problem may occur on some hardware configurations due to a recently discovered software problem in the OS. If you encounter this error, please see this page for a Microsoft provided hotfix: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/953026 or alternatively ensure that you have latest Vista Service Pack installed. Before installing any hotfixes, please read the installation instructions carefully and note that installing this hotfix is not recommended if you're not encountering this very specific problem.