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DirectX 10 video card benchmark

3DMark Vantage is a DirectX 10 video card benchmark test for Windows Vista that measures PC gaming performance. 3DMark Vantage uses a native DirectX 10 engine built to use all the features of the new API. Trusted by gamers worldwide to give accurate and unbiased results, 3DMark Vantage consistently and reliably tests your PC's DirectX 10 performance under game-like loads.

  • Test the DirectX 10 gaming performance of your PC.
  • Stunning real-time graphics push your DirectX 10 hardware to its limit.
  • Includes two GPU graphics tests, two CPU tests and six feature tests.
  • Four presets cover everything from lightweight laptops to desktop PCs.

3DMark Vantage is designed for Windows Vista.  We recommend using the latest version of 3DMark on PCs with modern operating systems.

Jane Nash

Graphics test 1

3DMark Vantage New Calico screenshot

Watch super agent and go-to gal Jane Nash as she escapes from a secret island lair in this action packed scene. The test includes complex character animation, physical GPU simulations, multiple dynamic lights, and complex surface lighting models. It uses several hierarchical rendering steps to create water reflection and refraction, and includes physics simulation collision map rendering.

New Calico

Graphics test 2

3DMark Vantage New Calico screenshot

Space explodes with action as the Damocles leads a devatsting assault on the planet New Calico. This test consists almost entirely of moving objects - spaceships, fighters, missiles and asteroids. In addition to variance shadow mapped shadows, the test includes a number of local and global ray-tracing effects such as parallax occlusion mapping, true impostors and volumetric fog.

AI test

CPU test 1

3DMark Vantage AI Test screenshot

The daredevil pilots of the Merry Go Round Air Show put on a dazzling display in this demanding CPU benchmark. This test features a high-intensity workload of co-operative path-finding artificial intelligence calculations as the planes attempt to navigate a series of gates while avoiding collisions. The workload is parallelized, and will take advantage of multi-core CPUs if available.

Physics test

CPU test 2

3DMark Vantage Physics Test screenshot

The Merry Go Round Air Show continues in this heavy physics stress test for your CPU. This time, the smoke-trailing planes collide with various cloth and soft-body obstacles, each other, and the ground. The smoke spreads and reacts to the planes passing through it. As this test is designed to stress the CPU physics acceleration on the GPU is disabled by default.

Feature tests

3DMark Vantage Advanced and Professional Editions include six additional feature tests. These tests do not affect the 3DMark score, however, they can provide you with a greater understanding of your hardware's strengths.

Texture fill rate test

3DMark Vantage texture fill rate test screenshot

This test draws frames by filling the screen with values read from a tiny texture using multiple texture coordinates. The texture coordinates are rotated and scaled between each frame.

Color fill rate test

3DMark Vantage color fill rate test screenshot

This test draws frames by filling the screen multiple times. The color and alpha of each corner of the screen is animated with the interpolated color written directly to the target using alpha blending.

Parralax occlusion mapping

3DMark Vantage parralax occulsion mapping test screenshot

This test features a 4k by 4k height map on a single quad rendered with four point lights and three directional lights in a single pass, using parralax occulsion mapping self-shadowing for each light.

Cloth simulation test

3DMark Vantage cloth simulation test screenshot

This test simulates and renders twelve flags affected by wind and gravity. Each flag is modeled as a grid of vertices. The computation is done on the GPU using vertex and geometry shaders.

Particle simulation test

3DMark Vantage particle simulation test screenshot

This test renders simulated particles on the GPU. There are hundreds of thousands of particles present in the scene, revealing an invisible shape as they collide with its surface.

Shader math test

3DMark Vantage shader math Perlin noise test screenshot

This test features multiple octaves of Perlin noise evaluated in the pixel shader. Each color channel has its own noise function for added computational load.


3DMark Vantage Advanced and Professional Editions introduce Presets, predefined combinations of visual quality settings which scale the test load and let you test everything from entry-level to high-end hardware. The output is scaled automatically if your display does not support the required resolution for each preset.


The Entry preset runs at 1024x768 and is designed for integrated and entry level hardware with a minimum of 128MB of graphics memory.


The Performance preset, designed for mid-range hardware is included in all editions. It runs at 1280x1024.


The High preset requires 512MB of graphics memory and is intended for high-end systems. It runs at 1680x1050 resolution.


The Extreme preset for multi-GPU systems runs at 1920x1200 and is only available in the Advanced and Professional Editions.


In the Advanced and Professional Editions you can choose custom settings to explore the performance of your PC in greater detail.

3DMark Vantage logo

Basic Edition

Free download

3DMark Vantage Basic Edition includes everything you need to get a 3DMark score with the Performance preset. Upgrade to the Advanced Edition to unlock more presets, tests and settings.

Free download


Advanced Edition

The Gamer's Benchmark

With 3DMark Vantage Advanced Edition you get the complete DirectX 10 benchmarking toolkit. All four presets from Entry to Extreme, custom settings, six extra feature tests, and unlimited results storage.


Professional Edition

The industry standard

Designed for our business customers, 3DMark Vantage Professional Edition includes custom testing options, command line automation, offline results option and priorty support.


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Minimum system requirements

OS: Windows Vista
Processor Single-core Intel or AMD CPU
Memory 1GB of system memory
Graphics DirectX 10 compatible
Hard drive 1.0GB free hard disk space

Internet connection required for some features.

3DMark Vantage is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8 when using the latest SystemInfo component.