Futuremark Forums have closed

The Futuremark Forums closed down on December 1, 2017

We opened our forums in April 2000 as a place for gamers, overclockers, and system builders to come together and talk about the latest PC hardware. And there was much to talk about. Over the years, the members notched up more than 1.8 million posts. Along the way, our forums helped thousands of people and maybe even changed a few lives.

At their peak, the forums were home to more than 2,000 new posts a day. Sadly, what was once a flood slowed to a trickle in later years. With no sign of the trend changing, we closed our forums on December 1, 2017 after 17 years, 7 months, and 12 days online.

It's often said that a community is defined by its members. So to those that were with us since the beginning, everyone that was still around at the end, and especially to our volunteer moderators and admins who kept things running smoothly - a huge thank you from everyone at Futuremark for all your support over the years.

The conversation continues (unofficially)

Some of the more active members have created and joined new communities to stay in touch and keep the conversation going. These independent sites are run and managed by their own members. They are not monitored or endorsed by Futuremark.

FM Refugees Forum Unofficial Facebook group

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