Futuremark Forum Rules

Updated on August 13, 2012.

Welcome to the Futuremark Forums

Joining is free but you need to register to become a member. You can sign in using your Facebook or Steam details, or create a new forum account. Your email address will not be visible to other forum members.

We use an automated system to catch and prevent spam. As a new member you will have limited forum rights until our system is sure that you are a real person. You will then be given the same access and abilities as other registered users.

We encourage helpful, interesting, constructive and friendly discussion of hardware, software and gaming topics in our forums. We have clear and simple rules covering what is and isn't allowed, nevertheless, these rules are general guidelines and are very flexible. Our moderators will use their best judgement before handing out warnings, just as we expect you to use common sense before posting.

Warning and infractions

We use a system of warnings and infractions to enforce the forum rules. Warnings are used to remind you of the forum rules, which you are expected to understand and follow. Infractions are given for more serious violations or repeat offenders. Infractions come with three points. Warnings come with one point. Receive six points in total and you will be banned from posting until the points expire and your total drops below six.

If you don't understand why a warning or infraction was given to you, ask the moderator for clarification via Private Message (PM). Do not make new posts complaining about the infraction. If you think you have a genuine case of unfair treatment please contact an Administrator and they will look into it.

General Rules

  • You are not allowed to have multiple forum accounts. Do not share your account with others. Do not create fake accounts to impersonate celebrities or other forum members. Accounts created to post spam links and ads will be permanently banned.
  • Do not include inappropriate content in your forum username, signature, avatar or profile fields.
  • Do not post personally identifiable information such as name, address, email or phone number about yourself or any other person.
  • Do not abuse the forum, for example by posting the same content in different sections or by excessively bumping threads or reporting posts.
  • Do not post or share private messages (PMs) unless you have the permission of the sender. Private Messages are intended to be private.

Inappropriate conduct

  • Do not attack or insult other members for posting content or opinions that you disagree with or find objectionable. Lively debate and discussion is encouraged but keep your tone civil or you may be given an infraction.
  • Do not engage in name-calling, personal attacks or exchanging insulting posts.
  • Do not threaten, persistently harass or encourage others to gang up on other forum members.
  • Do not derail threads with off topic content.
  • Do not make deliberately outrageous or offensive posts intended to provoke a reaction from other members. If you see a troll post, the best response is to hit the Report Post button to notify a moderator and then move on.

Inappropriate language

  • We use a light swear filter to block the stronger swear words. We do this because these swear words are mostly used to insult other members and otherwise add little value to the discussion of relevant forum topics. Do not try to evade the filter by using letter substitutions or combinations.
  • Racism, homophobia, hate speech and other examples of intolerance are not allowed.
  • Many members do not speak English as their native language. Do not correct other people's posts unless asked.

Inappropriate content

  • Our forums are a place to talk about hardware, software, games and benchmarking. You can talk about other subjects in the Blah Blah section, but topics that are prone to endless arguments, such as religion and politics, are not allowed and will be removed.
  • Don't post anything that isn't suitable for viewing at work. Using [NSFW] tags does not make it OK. Specifically, you must not post, discuss or link to porn, acts of graphic violence, illegal drugs or other illegal activities. Don't assume that if a post with questionable content goes un-moderated that it is allowed. Chances are it just hasn't been seen by a moderator yet.
  • Do not trick people into clicking on malicious or misleading links. Don't link to phishing sites or affiliate marketing schemes.
  • Software piracy directly harms our business. Do not discuss, request or link to sites or files offering pirated, cracked, warez, emulators, ROMs or leaked content whether for software, games, music, movies or books. Do not discuss or link to programs that are used to either crack software or perform other malicious activities.

Reporting posts

If you see a post that breaks these rules, or you feel that you have been attacked uneccessarily by other members, you can hit the Report Post button found in each post. The moderators will read the entire thread and then decide if the forums rules have been broken. This can result in one or more members receiving warnings or infractions. Please be aware that reporting a post does not exempt you from infractions if you are found to have broken the rules as well.

Moderators and Adminstrators

Moderators are responsible for keeping our forums well organised. They can edit and delete posts, move and close threads, and make other changes to your posts. They can help if you need assistance using the forums. They are responsible for enforcing the forum rules and can give warnings, infractions and bans to members who break them.

Administrators are responsible for keeping our forums well managed. They manage the organisation of the forums, usergroups, permissions and other forum features. Administrators set the forum rules and make sure that moderators enforce them fairly. If you feel you cannot discuss an issue with a Moderator, contact an Administrator.

Legal disclaimer

We are not able to review every message posted in our forums. We take no responsible for the reliability or accuracy of content in the forums. All content, information and opinions are those of the authors of the posts and do not reflect the official views and opinions of Futuremark. We reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any forum content for any reason and without notice.

We welcome feedback and ideas to improve our products, services and websites. By posting publicly in our forums you grant Futuremark the copyright of any material contained in your messages. Ideas and suggestions, whether solicited or not, become the intellectual property of Futuremark and might be used in one of our products or services without credit or monetary consideration given to the originator of the idea.