Press and Media

Futuremark benchmarks are used by hundreds of websites and magazines to provide in-depth performance reviews of the latest hardware. We happily support our friends in the press with testing advice, technical support and complimentary licenses. Contact and tell us how we can help you.

Press licenses

We provide established publications with complimentary Professional Edition benchmarks. Professional Editions include a commercial license that allows you to use our software for press purposes such as reviews and testing.

We kindly ask you to include a link to whenever you use our benchmarks in a review, feature or news story.

Request keys Include your full name, job title, publication, and country.

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To join our press mailing list for news, updates and preview code, send us a mail with your full name, job title, publication, and the country in which you are based.

You can also join our communities on Facebook and Google+, ask us a question on Twitter or follow our news on LinkedIn.

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Download mirrors and cover-mounted DVDs

Contact us if you would like to include one of our benchmarks on your magazine's cover mounted disk or provide a download mirror for our products on your website.

To be featured on our download pages as an official mirror partner you must provide our original installer file unmodified and direct to your visitors without using external download managers or other monetized installers.

Commercial use rights for online video platforms

You may monetize video reviews that include footage and screenshots from our software. You must not use YouTube's ContentID system, or other similar systems, to claim copyright ownership of videos that include Futuremark material.

Artwork and images

Need high quality artwork, screenshots or logo files for our products? Just ask.


Our Technical Guides include detailed descriptions of each test and explain how the scores are calculated. Email us if you need help using our benchmarks or understanding the results.