PCMark05 Support

PCMark05 is no longer supported. We recommend using PCMark 8 for testing modern PCs.

PCMark05 FAQ

  • On some tests I'm seeing different results depending on the operating system (XP or Vista) when benchmarking identical hardware configurations. What is the cause and can I compare the results between the operating systems?

    As some of the tests in PCMark05 use various Windows APIs in the workloads, the tests will run slightly differently on Windows XP and Windows Vista. Both sets of results are accurate and provide an overview of hardware and system performance on that particular operating system. When comparing hardware components, you should only use results produced using the same operating system in all tests.

  • When runinng PCMark05, I receive an error message "WMV Video Playback: Initialization failed." How can this be fixed?

    First, ensure you using PCMark05 version 1.2.0. Then un-install any 3rd party video codec packs and check that Windows Media Player launches and runs without any error messages and is able to play back video normally.

  • I receive a notification that Windows Media Encoder 9 needs to be installed even if I already have Windows Media Player 10 or 11 installed. What is the problem here?

    Windows Media Encoder 9 needs to be downloaded and installed separately as it is not included in the Media Player standard installation. While Microsoft no longer offers this old version, you can download the required Windows Media Encoder from here. Please note that only the 32bit version of the Encoder 9 is supported by PCMark05, even if you have a 64bit OS in your system.

  • The benchmark does not give me a score after the tests end and I can see an error "Video Encoding: Error in filter initialization" in the log. What's wrong and how can this be corrected?

    Uninstalling any 3rd party video codec packs present on the system may correct this problem. Please also ensure that you have Windows Media Encoder version 9 installed on your system. Please note that 64bit versions of Windows XP or the Media Encoder are not supported.

  • When starting PCMark05, I receive the following error message "In order to run all the tests properly, Visual Settings need to be set to 'Adjust for best appearance' and the 'Classic Style may not be selected'". How can I correct this problem?

    This procedure probably fixes your problem: "Initialization failed. In order to run this test the Visual Settings need to be changed. See help for details." Follow the following instructions (from PCMark05 Help):

    If PCMark05 reports visual settings being wrong, set visual effects to "Best appearance":

    • Click Start, click Run, and then type sysdm.cpl in the Open box.
    • Click the Advanced tab, and then under Performance, click Settings.
    • Click the Visual Effects tab, and click "Adjust for best appearance"

    Make sure you don't have Windows Classic theme selected in Display properties:

    • Right-click an empty area of the desktop, and then click Properties.
    • Click the Themes tab, select "Windows XP" theme in the Theme list and then click OK.
  • Why are my HD results .00x MB/s with the AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core CPU?

    In order to get the HD tests to run correctly on the AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core CPUs, you can: