Powermark - Battery life test

Windows Battery Life Test For Professional Test Labs

  • Accurately measure the battery life of Windows notebooks and tablets
  • Choose convenient scenario tests or create your own custom settings
  • Easy to install, simple to use
  • Compatible with Windows 8

People are wary of battery life claims that sound too good to be true. If you would like to give your customers accurate battery life estimates for the latest Windows notebooks, laptops and tablets based on realistic use then we would like to introduce you to Powermark, our new battery life and power consumption benchmark.

Powermark is designed for professional testing labs. More than 500 leading hardware review sites use Powermark to measure battery life. Powermark delivers accurate results from realistic productivity and entertainment scenarios yet is easy to install and simple to use. Custom settings and command line options are included should you need them.

Powermark Professional Edition

10 activations

Powermark battery life benchmark
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Powermark Enterprise Edition

Unlimited activations

Powermark battery test for Windows 7
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About activation

An activation is a single install of Powermark on a single device.

There is no limit to the number of times Powermark can be run on a single activated device.

When all the activations included with your license have been used, you will need to purchase a new licence in order to install and run Powermark on additional devices.

Powermark Enterprise Edition includes an unlimited number of activations.

Minimum system requirements

OS: Microsoft Windows 7
Browser: Internet Explorer 9
Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible adaptor
Display: 1024x600 minimum resolution
Hard Drive: 2GB free disk space required
Battery: Battery powered device required

An Internet connection is required for device activation, after which all tests can be run offline.


Powermark is only available for business customers at this time. The license enables the benchmark and its results to be used for business purposes including performance testing, research and development, competitor analysis, and other sales and marketing activities.

Powermark for press

Please contact us for special licensing terms.


Latest version: Powermark 1.2.0 | August 29, 2012